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We are in the San Clemente Times on June 20th, 2019!

Please see the following link -

We would have preferred more details on the negative nature of the ruling, however, we will take all the press we can get. 

Please keep emailing our City Council folks and letting your friends know about As a reference, the blue line is the 'do not encroach the canyon' line, and the red X is the approximate footprint of the development.

For a larger image of the plans please select 'City Approved Plans' in the downloads section.

June 16, 2019 Update

We are grateful beyond words to the Coastal Commissioners who despite a Staff Recommendation to approve the project voted to deny 9 to 0 on June 14th. The Friends of Trafalgar Canyon were able to successfully prove:

  • The entire proposed home/lot is 'in Trafalgar Canyon' and building violates City building codes and the Coastal Act

  • The homesite sits in an area of Environmentally Sensitive Habitat and negative impacts can't be avoided

  • The lot is geologically unsafe and would require large scale destructive work to fix

  • City processes were not followed

Of all these points, the last is the most important as we were able to show that that approval from the City of San Clemente did not follow the required processes.

Sadly however our work here is not done. Most likely the developer will start from square one with the City of San Clemente as soon as they can (or sue the Coastal Commission). We need your help now with the City of San Clemente to let them know we won't stand by while they destroy Trafalgar Canyon.

Please let the City know how you feel

It is critical that we let the City of San Clemente know that we won't stand by for the development of Trafalgar Canyon/T-Street Bowl. We must make sure this is not a hollow victory but a building block to permanent protection of all of our Coastal Canyons as the founders of San Clemente intended.

The certified San Clemente LUP clearly states:

New development ... including principal structures and accessory structures with foundations, such as guest houses, pools, and detached garages etc., shall not encroach into coastal canyons. 

Please let our City Council know how you feel about development at 217 Vista Marina (Trafalgar Canyon) as soon as possible. 

Bane, Dan - Mayor Pro Tem - (949) 361-8322 -

Ferguson, Laura - Council Member - (949) 361-8322 -

Hamm, Chris - Council Member - (949) 361-8322 -

Ward, Kathleen - Council Member - (949) 361-8322 -

Email, City Council - (949) 361-8322 -

There will be much more to follow in the coming days. Thank you for your support!!

reference downloads

Click here to download our letter to the Coastal Commission (pdf)


Coastal Commission Staff Report 5-31-19 (pdf)


Sample Letter to Coastal Commission (docx)


City Approved in Concept Plans for Trafalgar Canyon (pdf)


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